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The Practice

"Community of Light "
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Action learning is a powerful, small group learning approach that enables ordinary citizens to learn how to creatively move through tough issue. It is a learning process that invites citizens to learn together over a period of time by 1) sharing our most pressing questions, 2) taking actions on those questions, 3) reflecting on what happened and what we learned.

Action Learning creates a container for people to practice "listening with spirit." Levine describes listening with spirit as when people "listen with selfless receptivity to each others' ideas, thereby employing themes to create a common vessel - which - shaped by and sustained by the power of the groups' collective listening - receives and contains a collective spirit." When this collective spirit is found, new creativity and insight is connected.

The ideas, insights and actions that emerge keep me surprised - amazed - and wanting more. Margaret Wheatley writes that emergence is "life exploring connections to create new and surprising capacities." I have witnessed this emergence in action learning circles. I've shared the testimonies and reflections of ordinary citizens

Learning for a Change in action earning circles holds the potential to create an intentional "learning community" by bringing together people who share a commitment to human rights, social justice and inclusion.  This community can use their energy to come to new understandings that open or reveal further possibilities for action.



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