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We Dance Together

A Painted Essay About My Education with Katie

by Candee Basford


31 pages, color, soft cover,

wire binding

We Dance Together communicates the story of the author’s education with her daughter Katie. The journey begins when Basford is told that her daughter has a disability and it continues for the next twenty-six years weaving lessons of love, relationships, and social barriers.


We Dance Together features ten richly, evocative paintings, each revealing a lesson about self and society. Some images depict personal, often joyful revelations. Others reflect a growing awareness of the traps in society that push some of members to the margins.


In the end, we learn what Katie’s mother learned - that it is possible to awaken our sense of possibilities and find new energy and reason to work for social justice and inclusive communities. It starts by appreciating that we all have gifts to give. When we are allowed to give our gifts, we wake up to find true selves with a renewed sense of belonging and purpose in our communities.

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Reflections of Erin

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Praise for

We Dance Together

This book is a testament to the power of connecting word with image.  

Elijah Mirochnick, George Mason University.

Who should read this book? Anyone with a pulse!

John O’Brien, co-author of Members of Each Other and Make a Difference

This book offers the world a vessel full of beauty and wisdom.

Julie Salamon, journalist and author of Rambam’s Ladder

What a stunning, beautiful and powerful book! 

Jack Pearpoint, Founder of Inclusion Press and the Marsha Forest Center


All images Copyright ©2008 Candee Basford. All rights Reserved.